Download the daily routes and rest stops map here* (2.4 MB).

Download the routes elevation profile here* (100 KB).

For riders with a GPS but not comfortable with loading routes, we will have staff available Saturday night and Sunday morning to load the routes. Just bring your GPS and USB connecting cable.

GPS Route Details Follow:

If you own a GPS device that can use the generic gpx file type, the route files below may be used to help you navigate the Tour route.

These routes will work with most all Garmin Edge models 500 and above with appropriate maps installed.

NOTE: Sometimes GPS unit calculate new routes more to their own liking. The cue sheets you receive at the start are the official directions. We have driven them and know they work well. If there is any question about a turn, use the cue sheet.

NOTE 2: If you have a GPS but are intimidated by things computer related, we will have a computer/s with the routes. We'll help you load them in the registration/dinner timeframe Saturday. Just bring your GPS and connecting cable (to make sure you have one that works). We'll have some cables but technology keeps changing and ...

Which file to use

With the proliferation of devices available it is impossible to list all the device-file options. Check the instructions that came with your GPS to see which route file type you need.

  • TCX files will work in most devices. The route is a series of "breadcrumbs" the GPS follows.
  • GPX files require maps to be loaded on the device. The route is defined by a limited number of guide points. The GPS finds a route that connects the points over the roads in the installed map.

Routing Files

Click on the file format to download the routing .zip file.

GPX files will be posted close to the ride start date

Use this set of gpx files to allow active GPS routing.

TCX files will be posted close to the ride start date

Use this set of tcx files to allow breadcrumb GPS routing.

Setting the Routing Mode

The TCX routes were developed in then exported. GPS settings have less effect on TCX routes. Following the "breadcrumb" trail leaves no room for the GPS to change the route by recalculation. Setting changes should not be necessary but will not hurt.

The GPX routes were developed in Garmin's Mapsource program. After loading the route to the GPS, the GPS will calculate the route. Settings on the GPS determine how and when the GPS calculates the route. In the section of the setup menu dealing with Routing or Navigation, set your GPS as follows:

  • Route mode set to "Bicycle" or "Road Cycling"
  • Set the GPS to "Follow Roads" or "Lock on Road"
  • Set (Route) Recalculation to OFF

Disclaimer: Each software and device differs. You should read the instructions that came with yours to get it right.

To upload the Routes to your GPS device

  • After you download the .zip file, extract the files to a folder. You will see one routing file per day.
  • Connect your GPS to your computer (most use a USB cable).
  • Using whichever File Manager program you are familiar, copy the the files from the folder to the GPS. Most Garmin devices have you copy the files to the "NewFiles" folder.
  • Safely disconnect your GPS from the computer.
  • Restart your GPS.
  • Check the Routes or Courses area to make sure all the routes loaded. (on the Garmin Edge 800 not all files would load the first time).
  • Repeat the process for any routes that did not load.

Waypoint Information

  • Consider cleaning up the waypoints stored on your GPS device prior to loading the routes to make seeing waypoints easier.
  • For ease in identifying Tour waypoints, they all carry a blue flag symbol (except some hotels).
  • Waypoints for each day's route are numbered as follows DNs Name: where D = day of tour (1,2,3...), N = number of stop (1,2,3,...), s = S for rest stop or L for lunch, and Name = the city or place. So 14L Devers is the fourth stop, lunch, in the the City of Devers.
  • At the right zoom level on your Garmin (with maps), the waypoints will show as blue flags with the text name

* These require Adobe Reader to view. If you need a copy click on the icon below.